Two Years Later

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Last month marked two years for us being in Kenya.  I love these sort of “landmark” times in life.  I’m a list maker and journal writer, and watching the passage of time is always a bittersweet amazement for me.  In Facebook all of my memories that pop up are of landing here after evacuation, trying to figure out how to … Read More

It’s Been a Year and a Half, After All…

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A few weeks ago we helped some friends from church move to a new house.  We had been praying for them for a couple of months to find the right place.  House hunting in Nairobi is HARD!! There are so many things to think about and one of the biggest things is who the landlord will be.  If you remember, … Read More


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I’m living in this crazy space called paradox today. Paradox is something that combines contradictory features or qualities. In this crazy life we live, there is constant paradox. Learning to become familiar with that, even thriving in it, is paramount to surviving long term. In Africa we live in a constant state of paradox around us – how can such … Read More

Just Stop

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“Ask and I’ll give the nations to you. Oh Lord, that’s the cry of my heart…”                            (You Said, Hillsong) This week has been one of those blah weeks where I can’t seem to find the energy to be thankful for anything, but there is more than enough energy … Read More

Mundri Mussings and More

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(Ok, I’m terrible at titles…) A year ago yesterday we left Mundri. It was supposed to be for just 7 weeks. We were scheduled to go to Kenya for an East Africa retreat and conference with all the Serge missionaries. After a couple months of severe pain and sickness, Shawn was told he had to get on the next MAF … Read More

Fully and Wholeheartedly

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It’s 2016. I have to admit, there are many ways that I am not sad to see this year close its doors.  Last night at our New Year’s Eve party with some friends someone asked for the best and worst moments of the year. I had a hard time with that question, because there’s not a lot of clean cut … Read More

The Adventures of Driving

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I’ve struggled with writing this post, because it will sound like I hate Kenya.  This is not at all true…there are many amazing, wonderful things about this country that I like and am learning to truly appreciate.  However, driving is NOT one of them.  I am thankful for a van that I can drive, so I have some freedom and … Read More

turbulent waters

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Today was a good day. I am thankful for the fact that I have been saying this a lot again recently.  After a couple months of chaos, sickness, evacuations, and change, I am learning to see the good, little, normal, every day things.  (Ok, I am learning, I said…I still fail at this often, but I am thankful He is … Read More


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As I sit here in Nairobi, it could be easy to forget where I am at times.  It is exponentially easier to be here than in South Sudan as far as conveniences go.  I can order Dominoes Pizza, attend an awesome church service in my own language, go to a mall, and sleep in a house that looks more like … Read More

How We Roll…

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  In the last few weeks our team has experienced 2 different evacuations. The first one was when Shawn finally decided he could not take the pain of the kidney stone anymore and we made plans to leave Mundri the next day to get medical attention. That is a lot more complicated than it sounds. You cannot just get in … Read More