Here We Go Again

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Grief is a crazy thing. All summer people have been asking about Anna going to school, and how she feels and how we feel, etc. It’s been easy to say, “Excited  and nervous” without thinking about it too much because we  are going to be here her first semester.  So when we drop her off this coming Monday (2 days!!) … Read More


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As I sit here in Nairobi, it could be easy to forget where I am at times.  It is exponentially easier to be here than in South Sudan as far as conveniences go.  I can order Dominoes Pizza, attend an awesome church service in my own language, go to a mall, and sleep in a house that looks more like … Read More

3 Months In

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Ok, so that title is not too original, but I am happy that I can finally post a blog, so I will forgive myself for that! We have been in Africa for 3 months!  In many ways it feels like 3 years, and then I wake up to something else new and exciting and remember what a newbie I am. … Read More

Where Feet May Fail

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The other night we went to the ocean. I love being on the beach after the crowds have gone to dinner. Some of my most peaceful and contented times have been sitting in the sand in the evening, watching the waves come in, seeing the amazing sky, feeling the breeze that is always there.  I’m not a beach person so … Read More

Welcome to the Chaos

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There’s something strange happening in this family… I am no stranger to moving.  I can pack up our house in an organized and efficient manner, get it to the new place, be unpacked and living comfortably in a matter of days, AND do it without stressing myself or anyone else in the household.  That comes with moving so much in … Read More

Meltdown Mode

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view from our house

This morning I had a meltdown.  Suffice it to say that the ugliness in this world is terrible, and I was praying for so many friends and feeling their burdens this morning.  But the ugliness in me is even more glaring, and as I faced that -however briefly -this morning, it was the last straw.  I wondered what the point … Read More