Home (A Poem by Anna)

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Recently Anna had her big Senior Seminar presentation.  She did a great job, and is relieved that it is over and she can now relax as the school year gets ready to end in just about 6 weeks! In 6 weeks her life is about to change a lot.  The day after she graduates we get on a plane and … Read More

It’s Been a Year and a Half, After All…

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A few weeks ago we helped some friends from church move to a new house.  We had been praying for them for a couple of months to find the right place.  House hunting in Nairobi is HARD!! There are so many things to think about and one of the biggest things is who the landlord will be.  If you remember, … Read More

“Home” by Warsan Shire

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This poem has been all over the internet lately, but my sister sent it to me this morning and I find it so tragic and wrenching.  Even as I feel like I am settling into my home, I am aware that so many others are being forced to leave theirs in extreme ways.  My heart breaks for all of those … Read More

Miracles in Moru Land

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Last night this happened: This little screaming miracle came into the world after forcing her poor mama to be in painful labor for 24 hours and deciding that she wanted to come butt first. As I was sitting trying to do office work yesterday Larissa came in and told me her friend, Maria, was in labor with a breech baby … Read More