How We Roll…

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  In the last few weeks our team has experienced 2 different evacuations. The first one was when Shawn finally decided he could not take the pain of the kidney stone anymore and we made plans to leave Mundri the next day to get medical attention. That is a lot more complicated than it sounds. You cannot just get in … Read More

A Nice Day for a Drive

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Juba is the capital of our country.  Geographically it is only about 120 miles away.  But for us to drive, it takes anywhere from 6 to 12 hours, depending on the time of year and the weather. I’m going to ask you to use your imaginations a little bit here, but it is really hard to describe how bad the … Read More

On Being Herded

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Have you ever seen a herd of cattle being pushed and prodded along as they go towards a spot that they may not even be aware of? Sometimes they get a little panicky and start bumping into each other and shoving each other around. I think probably that inner self-preservation mode kicks in and it’s each cow for themselves. This … Read More

Every Hour I Need You

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As I sit in a quiet apartment at the Baptist Guesthouse in Kampala this morning, I woke up feeling sad.  There are so many reasons not to feel this way in my life, and I know it.  I am grateful for this crazy, sometimes chaotic and unpredictable, but always adventurous life.  But this morning everything from the past 6 months … Read More

Living La Vida Loca

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    Sorry for the blog title, but I thought it would be fun to name all my blogs this year after a song title.  And what fits better than this? A few nights ago we were sitting in the team house talking and laughing about the plans that we had made for this week, which included finally being able … Read More

100 Day Celebration

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100 days…that’s how long ago we landed in Mundri.  I admit that there were days I didn’t think we would even make it this far – and days I wasn’t sure I even wanted to.  The last few months have been the hardest we have had as a family as far as just the relentlessness of it all.  Yet they … Read More

3 Months In

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Ok, so that title is not too original, but I am happy that I can finally post a blog, so I will forgive myself for that! We have been in Africa for 3 months!  In many ways it feels like 3 years, and then I wake up to something else new and exciting and remember what a newbie I am. … Read More

“I’m Gonna Make This Place Your Home…”

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Even as we were landing on the Mundri airstrip a few days ago I wasn’t sure how I was feeling.  It had been a wonderful week in Kenya, and then a good day of shopping in the city of Juba.  I can’t describe how beautiful Kijabe is.  There is a constant wind blowing, we used wool blankets at night but … Read More

The Peanut Gallery

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Today I sat with Larissa, Rina, a few women from the area and picked peanuts.  Or more accurately, g-nuts  (meaning ground nuts).  The nuts had been harvested a few days ago and were sitting in a big pile, but with all the rain, they were getting nasty and were on the verge of being spoiled.  So Rina called in the … Read More

Language and Cooking, and Travel – Oh My!

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OK, So I have come to realize that with the internet being so moody and the weeks getting busier, I am not going to be writing any pulitzer prize winning blogs anytime soon.  (Do blogs even win those?  My brain is fried…)  However, I still want to let you know some of the things happening here in Mundri with us, … Read More