Cleaning Closet

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This morning has found me wandering around my house looking for something to organize. We keep things pretty simple here with not a lot of “extras,” but there is still something so calming about organizing. This week is turning out to be a rough one for me emotionally.  We just lost a major supporter in the midst of trying to … Read More

Something’s Missing

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In the last two weeks I have noticed something missing in the my life.  It was something that has had a grip on my heart and my life for the past year or more, so to notice it’s absence was jolting.  However, for the first time in a very long time, I realized that I was content and relaxed.  My … Read More

How We Roll…

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  In the last few weeks our team has experienced 2 different evacuations. The first one was when Shawn finally decided he could not take the pain of the kidney stone anymore and we made plans to leave Mundri the next day to get medical attention. That is a lot more complicated than it sounds. You cannot just get in … Read More

Living La Vida Loca

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    Sorry for the blog title, but I thought it would be fun to name all my blogs this year after a song title.  And what fits better than this? A few nights ago we were sitting in the team house talking and laughing about the plans that we had made for this week, which included finally being able … Read More

Where Feet May Fail

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The other night we went to the ocean. I love being on the beach after the crowds have gone to dinner. Some of my most peaceful and contented times have been sitting in the sand in the evening, watching the waves come in, seeing the amazing sky, feeling the breeze that is always there.  I’m not a beach person so … Read More

Welcome to the Chaos

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There’s something strange happening in this family… I am no stranger to moving.  I can pack up our house in an organized and efficient manner, get it to the new place, be unpacked and living comfortably in a matter of days, AND do it without stressing myself or anyone else in the household.  That comes with moving so much in … Read More