Two Years Later

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Last month marked two years for us being in Kenya.  I love these sort of “landmark” times in life.  I’m a list maker and journal writer, and watching the passage of time is always a bittersweet amazement for me.  In Facebook all of my memories that pop up are of landing here after evacuation, trying to figure out how to … Read More

Mundri Mussings and More

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(Ok, I’m terrible at titles…) A year ago yesterday we left Mundri. It was supposed to be for just 7 weeks. We were scheduled to go to Kenya for an East Africa retreat and conference with all the Serge missionaries. After a couple months of severe pain and sickness, Shawn was told he had to get on the next MAF … Read More

Living La Vida Loca

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    Sorry for the blog title, but I thought it would be fun to name all my blogs this year after a song title.  And what fits better than this? A few nights ago we were sitting in the team house talking and laughing about the plans that we had made for this week, which included finally being able … Read More

The Peanut Gallery

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Today I sat with Larissa, Rina, a few women from the area and picked peanuts.  Or more accurately, g-nuts  (meaning ground nuts).  The nuts had been harvested a few days ago and were sitting in a big pile, but with all the rain, they were getting nasty and were on the verge of being spoiled.  So Rina called in the … Read More