That Time God called me Dude.

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Not long ago RJ got in the car after  school and asked if I had bought chocolate.  (He is so my child!)  I told him no, and he immediately sighed and said, “We haven’t had chocolate in a long time.”  I literally stopped what I was doing and looked at him in the rear view mirror before responding, “Really, Dude?  … Read More

Withholding Nothing

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Recently at church we sang a song called “Withholding Nothing.”  It’s a simple song as far as lyrics as music. It goes as follows: “I surrender all to you, everything I give to you, withholding nothing, withholding nothing.   I give you all of me.  King Jesus!  My Savior! Forever, I give you all of me.” Withholding Nothing  (Click here … Read More

A Dry and Weary Land

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If you have never lived in a place that has experienced a true dry season – where you literally go months without a  drop of rain,  I am not sure you can truly appreciate how exciting and magnificent it is when rain appears suddenly.  In Mundri it was so, so, so hot.  We would sit outside in the shade because … Read More

Newbie Survival Skills

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When we were at MTI training for missions, we kept hearing over and over again how we would feel like kids -babies even- when it came to our choices and survival skills in our new country. I already knew this to be true to a point. I remember being in Malawi and realizing I didn’t even know how to shop … Read More

Something’s Missing

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In the last two weeks I have noticed something missing in the my life.  It was something that has had a grip on my heart and my life for the past year or more, so to notice it’s absence was jolting.  However, for the first time in a very long time, I realized that I was content and relaxed.  My … Read More

The Adventures of Driving

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I’ve struggled with writing this post, because it will sound like I hate Kenya.  This is not at all true…there are many amazing, wonderful things about this country that I like and am learning to truly appreciate.  However, driving is NOT one of them.  I am thankful for a van that I can drive, so I have some freedom and … Read More

turbulent waters

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Today was a good day. I am thankful for the fact that I have been saying this a lot again recently.  After a couple months of chaos, sickness, evacuations, and change, I am learning to see the good, little, normal, every day things.  (Ok, I am learning, I said…I still fail at this often, but I am thankful He is … Read More


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As I sit here in Nairobi, it could be easy to forget where I am at times.  It is exponentially easier to be here than in South Sudan as far as conveniences go.  I can order Dominoes Pizza, attend an awesome church service in my own language, go to a mall, and sleep in a house that looks more like … Read More

How We Roll…

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  In the last few weeks our team has experienced 2 different evacuations. The first one was when Shawn finally decided he could not take the pain of the kidney stone anymore and we made plans to leave Mundri the next day to get medical attention. That is a lot more complicated than it sounds. You cannot just get in … Read More

Every Hour I Need You

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As I sit in a quiet apartment at the Baptist Guesthouse in Kampala this morning, I woke up feeling sad.  There are so many reasons not to feel this way in my life, and I know it.  I am grateful for this crazy, sometimes chaotic and unpredictable, but always adventurous life.  But this morning everything from the past 6 months … Read More