Not So Alone

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Almost four years ago we were dropped off in a cab at Aga Khan hospital in Parklands here in Nairobi after being evacuated from South Sudan.  Shawn was really sick and I was really anxious.  Not just for Shawn but because I had heard horror stories about Nairobi (which is pretty funny when you realize I had just come out of a country in active war and we had a lockdown and government assassination in town!)   When we found out he had to stay overnight a couple of nights I panicked!  The kids were safe with friends in Kijabe, an hour away, but what about me?  They told me I couldn’t sleep at the hospital.  I was NOT walking around by myself.  I didn’t even have data on my phone to search for something.  I got desperate and called one of the only people we “knew” in Nairobi – people who became great friends and teammates here.  They had given us their number as we met them for literally 5 minutes the night before.  I couldn’t even remember her name.  And now I was calling her to see if I could stay at their house?  I din’t even know where they lived in Nairobi.  It was a God thing for sure.

I was thinking about that story tonight as we settle into an apartment in Parklands – right down the road from Aga Khan.  I have walked this part of town so many times in the past few years – even at night!  I have eaten at restaurants, I know where to shop – I feel very at home here.  I also have friends all over.

Tonight I decided I better make some eggs for dinner and I realized the gas was not hooked to the stove.  I almost broke down in tears because Shawn always does these things, but he can’t be here until the end of the month.  (Remember I am tired and jet lagging – nothing has to make sense!) I almost decided to cut some salami and call it a night when I remembered that my close friends live just down the road.  I text them and within minutes they were buzzing the door to be let in.  Not only did he get the gas connected (Not hard, but I wanted to be safe) but she helped me find things in the kitchen (matches to light the stove among other things) and then he declared they were going to go buy me chicken for dinner.

I felt so loved.

Not only by my awesome friends, but my my amazing Heavenly Father.  It made me reflect on how much has changed in 4 years – I could have called several people because I have community here now.  I also knew that if there was any way possible this friend could come and help me, he would.  4 years ago I didn’t have any of those assurances, yet God showed up then, too.  He provided a place for me to stay that ultimately lead to us being here now.

I am grateful for his comfort then and now and he way he keeps showing up – almost always doing it through is people.  What a wonderful promise and a beautiful picture of his bride.


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