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Recently Anna had her big Senior Seminar presentation.  She did a great job, and is relieved that it is over and she can now relax as the school year gets ready to end in just about 6 weeks! In 6 weeks her life is about to change a lot.  The day after she graduates we get on a plane and head back to the States for a 7 month Home Assignment (more on that in a later blog!) While Shawn, Andrew, RJ, and I will head back to Nairobi in January of net year, this chapter of Anna’s life is coming to a close as she gets ready to start school at Houghton College.

For her Senior seminar she talked about art therapy being used for people with PTSD (can you guess what she wants to go into?)  As a part of the presentation she passed out play dough and asked us to sculpt a picture of what we were feeling as she read this poem she wrote.  Afterwards I asked her if I could share it with you all.

HOME By Anna Wallace 

Home is where the heart is
That’s true in all our cases
But what happens when our heart
Is in a billion places?

As this time is coming to an end
This fact is hitting deep
That soon my home will be everywhere
From mountains high to valleys deep.

My home is not a place
that will crumble to the ground.
Instead it is the people
To whom my heart is securely bound.

Home is with my family
Who love me and always care
And home with with my friends whom I cherish –
they’re always there.

Soon my heart will be torn apart
And scattered across the seas
And that word, “home,” will be everywhere
Blowing through the breeze.

What a strange feeling, what a paradox
The emotions of saying goodbye.
Because one moment you’re smiling with joy
And next trying not to cry.

The joy is from the knowing
That your heart has opened wide
And knowing that you’ve loved so much
That leaving made you cry.

The grief is from the pain you feel
When your heart is scattered and frayed
And your home can never be just one spot-
It is constantly pulled away.

Soon we will realize this is life
And we lived it to the best
And this is seen through the pain we feel
As our heart’s ripped through our  chest.

This just means we’ve opened our homes
Through spreading love and care.
Yes, home is where the heart is,
And  our hearts are everywhere.


You can be praying for us and our kids as we navigate these next few months of goodbyes and transitions.  MANY of the kids’ friends (And ours!) are leaving Nairobi after this school year, and so everyone is walking through yet another transition.  We keep  reminding each other to dive deep and love well  – and part of that is having good goodbyes.  But it never gets easier. Thanks so much.



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    A lovely poem, Anna. Thank you for sharing it. I hope to see you at Delta in July.
    Meanwhile, I’ll be praying for you these next six weeks as you bring this phase of your life to a close.

    Love, _Miss Hope

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