Dreaming of Delta Lake

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I love Kenya.  I just want to be very clear on that before I say anything else in this post.  I love our life here, our team, the work we do, the kids’ school, our church.  I really couldn’t ask for more.  However, this summer we are leaving our home here for a bit to spend time at our home in the States – Delta Lake Bible and Conference Center in Rome, NY.  And we can’t wait!  When we feel homesick  for an actual place in the States,  this is what comes to mind.  This summer we will be there helping out with whatever the camp needs from us, and spending time with our kids together in one spot that we all love.  I realize this could be the last time we have this precious extended time all  together, and I am not taking that for granted.

In 2008 - our first Family Camp!

In 2008 – our first Family Camp!

So here’s a few things we are looking forward to at DLBCC:

  1.  Family Camp.  For those of you who have been, I don’t even need to  explain this more.  A whole week of a few hundred people we adore.  Campfires and S’mores, late night talks, attempts to paddle board, family get togethers, card games, sports in the field, worship in the Tab, speakers that bring the life-giving word, and friends from all over!  WE LOVE FAMILY CAMP!
  2. This year we get to speak to the Junior High camp kids.  Shawn is a little more nervous about this than me.  I have always loved this age – from the beginning of our youth ministry time I wanted Middle Schoolers.  (I know – I’m insane.  But give me any these kids over toddlers and babies any day!)  Pray for us as we start to prepare for this week that is bound to be tiring but hopefully good.  Pray for hearts to be ready to hear the word and that we would speak what He wants us to say.
  3. Great Commission Women!  OK, technically Summer Renew  is also during family camp.  I love being able to reconnect with of the amazing women in our district that pray for us and battle for us while we are here.  I love seeing people from the churches who have so thoughtfully loved on our kids all year.  I love having the chance to share my heart about what we are doing here (This year I will be sharing about my English Class and how much God loves these women!) I’m excited to have the chance to lead worship again this year as well.
  4. Nicky Doodles.  It’s not really Delta – but it is our Delta tradition.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack – we are READY for some delicious ice cream!
  5. A quiet beauty.  Though I love Kenya – but Nairobi sometimes gets to me.  The city is chaotic and messy.  We don’t get out to the country often enough here, and I look forward to a summer in upstate NY – whether it’s just chilling on campus, kayaking on the lake, or hiking in some of the local areas we are are ALL looking forward to getting our fill of something we miss here.
  6. The chance to get to know and (hopefully) speak into the lives of the young people working all summer.  I worked at Summer camp most of my teen years, and I loved having people around to invest in me. Plus two of my kids plan to work there, so it will be nice to get to know their friends and see them working and serving (something we miss out on with the college age kids when we are here!)   I look forward to have some Chai nights on our porch and feeding them some good snacks from here. 

So, there you have it.  Nothing too in depth for this post, but since we have all been talking about it here, I thought I would write it down.

John and our cousin Matt a few years ago...

John and our cousin Matt a few years ago…

Loving the lake

Loving the lake

RJ was baptized there in the lake. (Yes, he's wearing goggles, haha)

RJ was baptized there in the lake. (Yes, he’s wearing goggles, haha)

Leading worship at Renew

Leading worship at Renew

The quiet beauty

The quiet beauty

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