Fully and Wholeheartedly

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It’s 2016. I have to admit, there are many ways that I am not sad to see this year close its doors.  Last night at our New Year’s Eve party with some friends someone asked for the best and worst moments of the year. I had a hard time with that question, because there’s not a lot of clean cut … Read More

Newbie Survival Skills

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When we were at MTI training for missions, we kept hearing over and over again how we would feel like kids -babies even- when it came to our choices and survival skills in our new country. I already knew this to be true to a point. I remember being in Malawi and realizing I didn’t even know how to shop … Read More

“Home” by Warsan Shire

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This poem has been all over the internet lately, but my sister sent it to me this morning and I find it so tragic and wrenching.  Even as I feel like I am settling into my home, I am aware that so many others are being forced to leave theirs in extreme ways.  My heart breaks for all of those … Read More

Something’s Missing

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In the last two weeks I have noticed something missing in the my life.  It was something that has had a grip on my heart and my life for the past year or more, so to notice it’s absence was jolting.  However, for the first time in a very long time, I realized that I was content and relaxed.  My … Read More

The Adventures of Driving

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I’ve struggled with writing this post, because it will sound like I hate Kenya.  This is not at all true…there are many amazing, wonderful things about this country that I like and am learning to truly appreciate.  However, driving is NOT one of them.  I am thankful for a van that I can drive, so I have some freedom and … Read More

A Day in the Life- Shopping!

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So recently I have had a lot of questions about what life is like here in Nairobi. Some of those questions are the usual “you live in Africa” questions, like do we see lions a lot, do we speak African, and do we have power. (Allow me to answer those quickly – we’ve seen many animals, but no lions yet-we … Read More

On Not Being Brave

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Today I went to the Bible study that the ladies of New City Fellowship have each month. I haven’t had the chance to go yet because I was out of the country, and before that, honestly, I was too emotionally drained to invest in people that I might not have much time around (since we didn’t know for sure we … Read More


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The last few weeks have signaled a new beginning in our family.  We are settled into our new home, which means we have been having people over for meals and hanging out.  This makes it feel more like a real home for us rather than just a place to land for a while.  It gives us a space to have … Read More


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As I’ve been in the States traveling around and talking about our past year with people, I have been forced to process through some of the things that we have experienced a little more in depth.  People have been so amazing, and I have discovered as I close each time with a chance to ask questions, I start to be … Read More

Number 68

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Over the course of the last few years our family has moved around -a lot. In the last year of support raising we gave away almost all of our things, packed up what was left to store, and went on the road to 40 different states in the U.S. It was amazing, and we had some experiences that are lifetime … Read More