Just Stop

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“Ask and I’ll give the nations to you. Oh Lord, that’s the cry of my heart…”                            (You Said, Hillsong) This week has been one of those blah weeks where I can’t seem to find the energy to be thankful for anything, but there is more than enough energy … Read More

Traveling again

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I’m at that spot again that all international workers come to several times in their lives.  Two weeks from today we leave Kenya for the summer to do some traveling in the States and see people.  While I look forward to seeing family and friends, I am not looking forward to the exhausting schedule we have in front of us. … Read More

Beast of Burden

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(Photo cred: Scott Will) “Bullet is just eating everything, leaves, trees, ground, person. Eating them. Just making person to bleed everywhere. We are just like wild animals now, with no place to be going. Sun, why are you shining at this world? I am wanting to catch you in my hands, to squeeze you until you can not shine no … Read More

Mundri Mussings and More

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(Ok, I’m terrible at titles…) A year ago yesterday we left Mundri. It was supposed to be for just 7 weeks. We were scheduled to go to Kenya for an East Africa retreat and conference with all the Serge missionaries. After a couple months of severe pain and sickness, Shawn was told he had to get on the next MAF … Read More

The One Where I Watched NCIS

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As we are coming upon a year (!) in Kenya this month, I have been thinking a lot about the last couple of years.  I wrote a blog a few years ago about the true desires of my heart for my kids (here) and I have thought about this blog several times in the last two years.  It was easy to say … Read More

Fully and Wholeheartedly

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It’s 2016. I have to admit, there are many ways that I am not sad to see this year close its doors.  Last night at our New Year’s Eve party with some friends someone asked for the best and worst moments of the year. I had a hard time with that question, because there’s not a lot of clean cut … Read More

Newbie Survival Skills

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When we were at MTI training for missions, we kept hearing over and over again how we would feel like kids -babies even- when it came to our choices and survival skills in our new country. I already knew this to be true to a point. I remember being in Malawi and realizing I didn’t even know how to shop … Read More

“Home” by Warsan Shire

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This poem has been all over the internet lately, but my sister sent it to me this morning and I find it so tragic and wrenching.  Even as I feel like I am settling into my home, I am aware that so many others are being forced to leave theirs in extreme ways.  My heart breaks for all of those … Read More

Something’s Missing

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In the last two weeks I have noticed something missing in the my life.  It was something that has had a grip on my heart and my life for the past year or more, so to notice it’s absence was jolting.  However, for the first time in a very long time, I realized that I was content and relaxed.  My … Read More