The Wisdom of Pooh. (Haha – I said “Pooh”)

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You guys…loving people is hard.  Waiting is hard.  Goodbyes are hard.  Uncertainty is hard.  Living in the day – in the moment – it is all so hard. Yet this is where God has us right now. If you have not heard our news yet – we are finishing up our term here in Nairobi and planning to move back … Read More

Your Children Will Sing

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Today my amazing friend, Courtney, sang another one of the songs I wrote. I REALLY hate the piano in this – I envision a real band and some deeper sounds – not so merry-go-roundish. Also some harmonies. But at least you can hear her beautiful voice and get the gist of it. <3 Anyone want to play a real version for me?

God in the Curry.

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I don’t know when the smell of curries became a comfort smell for me. Today as I was walking through Diamond Plaza (Little India here in Nairobi) I instantly went to a place of feeling safe and at home when I caught a whiff of turmeric and cumin wafting through the air.  These warm spices automatically hit my senses and … Read More

Holding My Breath

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Living in a developing country often has things to it that get me wondering what in the world I am doing.  I’ve noticed a common phrase coming out of my mouth as I am driving is, “I just don’t understand” meaning, “What in the world do you think you’re doing?!?”  Literally every time I am driving this phrase or some … Read More

Not So Alone

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Almost four years ago we were dropped off in a cab at Aga Khan hospital in Parklands here in Nairobi after being evacuated from South Sudan.  Shawn was really sick and I was really anxious.  Not just for Shawn but because I had heard horror stories about Nairobi (which is pretty funny when you realize I had just come out … Read More

Anxiety Wars

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Yesterday  I was having a conversation with Shawn about a particular situation we have been working through that went something like this: Shawn: “How are you feeling?” Me:  “I feel good.  Like, I actually don’t have any anxiety.  I feel like God truly is going to work this out in a way that tangibly us shows his love for us … Read More

Here We Go Again

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Grief is a crazy thing. All summer people have been asking about Anna going to school, and how she feels and how we feel, etc. It’s been easy to say, “Excited  and nervous” without thinking about it too much because we  are going to be here her first semester.  So when we drop her off this coming Monday (2 days!!) … Read More

The Healing Water

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I love being near the water.  Wherever we have lived in the States, we have always found ourselves  drawn to the nearby lake or ocean.  Even a nice river works.   There’s just something about being near water that seems to make my heart calm. This summer at Delta we have had access to the lake whenever we want it. For … Read More

Back in the U-S-A

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We’ve been back in the States for a little over 3 weeks now, and last night was the 9th different bed we’ve slept in!  We are very thankful for friends and family who have hosted us, but we are also glad to be settled in at Delta Lake for the Summer.  Now that we’ve finally unpacked our suitcases the complex … Read More

Home (A Poem by Anna)

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Recently Anna had her big Senior Seminar presentation.  She did a great job, and is relieved that it is over and she can now relax as the school year gets ready to end in just about 6 weeks! In 6 weeks her life is about to change a lot.  The day after she graduates we get on a plane and … Read More