Back in the U-S-A

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We’ve been back in the States for a little over 3 weeks now, and last night was the 9th different bed we’ve slept in!  We are very thankful for friends and family who have hosted us, but we are also glad to be settled in at Delta Lake for the Summer.  Now that we’ve finally unpacked our suitcases the complex … Read More

Home (A Poem by Anna)

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Recently Anna had her big Senior Seminar presentation.  She did a great job, and is relieved that it is over and she can now relax as the school year gets ready to end in just about 6 weeks! In 6 weeks her life is about to change a lot.  The day after she graduates we get on a plane and … Read More

That Time God called me Dude.

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Not long ago RJ got in the car after  school and asked if I had bought chocolate.  (He is so my child!)  I told him no, and he immediately sighed and said, “We haven’t had chocolate in a long time.”  I literally stopped what I was doing and looked at him in the rear view mirror before responding, “Really, Dude?  … Read More

Dreaming of Delta Lake

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I love Kenya.  I just want to be very clear on that before I say anything else in this post.  I love our life here, our team, the work we do, the kids’ school, our church.  I really couldn’t ask for more.  However, this summer we are leaving our home here for a bit to spend time at our home … Read More

Withholding Nothing

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Recently at church we sang a song called “Withholding Nothing.”  It’s a simple song as far as lyrics as music. It goes as follows: “I surrender all to you, everything I give to you, withholding nothing, withholding nothing.   I give you all of me.  King Jesus!  My Savior! Forever, I give you all of me.” Withholding Nothing  (Click here … Read More

Cleaning Closet

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This morning has found me wandering around my house looking for something to organize. We keep things pretty simple here with not a lot of “extras,” but there is still something so calming about organizing. This week is turning out to be a rough one for me emotionally.  We just lost a major supporter in the midst of trying to … Read More

A Fresh Pair of Eyes

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Shawn’s parents recently spent 7 weeks with us here in Nairobi.  It is always fun to get a fresh perspective of a place you live, because we get use to the quirks a place has.  The three months leading up to their arrival we would say several times a time, “Wait until Mom and Dad (Grandma and Grandpa) see this!” … Read More

Just Be

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  Tonight we sat with a small group of people from church after being asked to share a bit about Passover.   It was an intimate group – all the people knew each other well and were, essentially, family.  After Shawn shared the message we had a delicious meal together and as we sat around and talked for a while, … Read More

Two Years Later

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Last month marked two years for us being in Kenya.  I love these sort of “landmark” times in life.  I’m a list maker and journal writer, and watching the passage of time is always a bittersweet amazement for me.  In Facebook all of my memories that pop up are of landing here after evacuation, trying to figure out how to … Read More

A Dry and Weary Land

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If you have never lived in a place that has experienced a true dry season – where you literally go months without a  drop of rain,  I am not sure you can truly appreciate how exciting and magnificent it is when rain appears suddenly.  In Mundri it was so, so, so hot.  We would sit outside in the shade because … Read More