We are currently serving in Nairobi, Kenya through Serge (previously World Harvest Mission), and we are part of a growing team and church.  See below for info on our family; check out more on Serge; visit our blog to keep up with our adventures!

Thank you for visiting our site. We are serving in Nairobi, Kenya training pastors and doing evangelism.Wallace Family Shawn and Heather met at Nyack College in 1992. After graduation they were married and quickly started in ministry. They worked in youth ministry for 5 years in the Christian and Missionary Alliance before taking a church as the Senior Pastor. This church was a redevelopment church and showed Shawn’s gifting for training and developing leaders. During their time at the church they felt the desire to pursue overseas missions, and decided to figure out what this meant by leading two different trips short term to Ecuador and El Salvador. They fell in love with this life, and started seeking ways to serve overseas. Through a series of events they ended up in Malawi, Africa for 8 months training pastors, doing marriage counseling, and working to develop leaders as an orphanage was being built. Upon coming back to the States, they came in contact with Serge and visited Sudan. After meeting the team, going to the country, and much time in prayer and counseling, God made it clear that they will be working in the new country of South Sudan being team leaders to the community of missionaries here. Shawn will also be working alongside the Episcopal Church and teaching classes at Bishop Ngalamu Theological College, and Heather will be doing Community Health Evangelism and homeschooling their four children – John, Anna, Andrew, and RJ!

See this video for a glimpse of the work we are doing in Kenya!

Grace at the Fray

Grace at the Fray

We are going to serve the Lord in Nairobi, Kenya with Serge. We love Serge because they believe we have to be deeply committed to preaching the gospel to ourselves, even as we share it with others. Serge is an incarnational ministry, and as such they value life‐on‐life discipleship; personal, loving, relationships; they cultivate new leadership through personal mentoring; and they work toward a humble and transparent life—both personally and as an organization. Please, visit their website to learn more. Serge. Serge recently change it’s name from World Harvest Mission to Serge. Here is a video explaining the change.

Check out this article on The Gospel Coalition on World Harvest Mission (which is Serge’s previous name.) This is a great interview with executive director Bob Osborne
Get to Know World Harvest Mission from The Gospel Coalition on Vimeo.